Journey to–and Around–Avebury 2: Getting There

Unless you are a regular walker, cyclist, or drive a car,* Avebury might seem relatively isolated. No train services the village, and only one bus passes through. When I began organizing this leg of our trip, to be honest, I thought getting to Avebury might prove more trouble than its worth. Happily, it’s easier done than said: thanks to frequent train and bus services, it’s simple enough to get there.

view from the GWR early in our trip

Beginning at London’s Paddington Station, we took the Great Western Railway service to Swindon. On this hour-long ride, the train passes urban/industrial sites, but it also skirts some areas of outstanding natural beauty.



The Red Lion, Avebury


Once at Swindon, we crossed the road at the front of the train station and walked just over a block to the bus station. There, at bay 10, we caught the Stagecoach #49 (Swindon-to-Devizes service). After a 20 minute ride, we stopped in front of the picturesque Red Lion pub.

We crossed the road, turned, and this sight greeted us:


During the week, the #49 bus stops at the village hourly (both to and from Swindon). The hours differ at the weekends, so you might check Stagecoach’s website to ensure travel times.
** You catch the bus into Swindon at the Red Lion’s sign. You get off the bus from
Swindon in front of a shop called Elements (just beside a megalith group).

* Walking, Cycling, or driving to Avebury:

If you’re a walker, you can arrive via the treasured Ridgeway National Trail, an 87-mile-long track that was in use well before the Romans arrived in Britain. you can find more information about The Ridgeway here.

If you’re a cyclist, you might download this map to determine how you’d best like to approach Avebury.

Via auto, the busy A4361 passes through the village. If you’re day tripping, there’s a large car park near the village center; otherwise, your lodgings probably offer private parking.

Author: Jacqueline A. Pollard

City Walker. Photo-taker. Lit PhD.

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