Pantheon AM / Pantheon PM (or, “The Crowds, The Crowds”)

I’ve written before that my touristy routine is to get up as early as possible, enjoy some coffee, then hit the streets. Part of the reason is that, in late spring and summer, morning is certainly cooler, and the air is fresher. There is limited traffic. You have the opportunity to watch and engage with residents as they live their lives–setting up stalls, delivering crates of flowers or produce, unloading trays of freshly-baked goods, standing and chatting with neighbors at cafes, and so on.

trevi 8am
With so few people around, you have a chance to absorb each aspect of this marvel.


If you’re traveling somewhere that is tourist-heavy, an even better reason for going out early: crowd avoidance. I love people, and I know some really do enjoy the energy of a crowd, but, for me, being caught in a crowd can induce anxiety. It also feels limiting–there’s much jostling and fighting to see objects, structural details, and so on. If you’ve ever fought to get a good (unobstructed) view of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre or the Pietà at St. Peter’s, I’m pretty sure you know exactly what I mean. When you’re in a crowd, you can’t always linger to admire details, to meditate on an item, or take in a whole.




pantheon AM
The Pantheon at 7AM is why early morning walks are best.



These photos illustrate my point quite well, I think; they were taken early-to-mid July.

The Pantheon, early morning. Room to explore.





Pantheon mid afternoon
The Pantheon at midday
Pantheon afternoon
But . . . a wider shot at midday. It’s even more jammed later in the day.


Anyway, this is why I advocate for early nights, early rises, and early walks while traveling. Call me a curmudgeon, but it works for me.

Author: Jacqueline A. Pollard

City Walker. Photo-taker. Lit PhD.

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