A *Year*?

Goodness gracious but time–it flies. An actual year since I’ve posted?

I was distracted from my Barnes/Nightwood project because, first, I moved house (I’m a homeowner now!), and I was assigned a full course load. Of course, between these two items, I did little outside of teach and pack/unpack.  What I have done that isn’t work/home related is this: painting. I’ve been producing hard edged abstract paintings like mad for the past six months, so I may well be posting photos of one or two that I think have some kind of merit.

I do plan on restarting the Nightwood annotations shortly. Before I do, I’m traveling to England and to Italy for a few weeks. It’s time to revisit some old friends and favorite spots. I’m away tomorrow, so wish me well!

Author: Jacqueline A. Pollard

City Walker. Photo-taker. Lit PhD.

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