Firenze (a card)

In Florence, you can easily sate your appetite for art and beauty simply walking the streets–the public art and the architecture are wondrous. But are you really, truly going to Florence and not see the Uffizi? The Accademia? Santa Croce? Ad inf.? To be sure, the cost of entry to these, and other, places can add up–unless you have a Firenze Card. The card gives you access to 72 museums in 72 hours for 72 Euros (about $76 as of writing). The card’s biggest benefit? No queuing or reservations–and that priority access itself is worth the price of the card. To be honest, I generally avoid buying visitor cards like this as it makes me feel restricted and rushed. My dad actually talked me into getting the card on my last visit, and I certainly do not regret it. So, if you’re heading for Florence in the near future, and if you feel that the public displays and the building facades don’t quite quench your desire, I absolutely recommend the Firenze Card.



Here’s my traveling companion, by the way, measuring up my own card.



Note: My endorsement is totally voluntary and it’s intended as advice only.

Author: Jacqueline A. Pollard

City Walker. Photo-taker. Lit PhD.

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