Cataloguing a Book Collection

I haven’t posted since August (!), for which I feel a bit embarrassed with myself. Others may seem to manage to complete a “day job” and work on their side project with ease, but I just cannot. I will return to “20 Streets” in a week of two, but for now, my off time is devoted to cataloguing a personal library that has become unwieldy.

With the exception of a few beloved volumes, I’ve been (slowly) adding my books to an account at libib. If you’re curious, you can view my current collection here, but I still have stacks and stacks to add.

It contains masses of paperbacks and textbooks, of course, but there are quite a a few treasures including first and second editions, rare volumes, etc.

It’s a time-consuming project as I need to input the majority of items manually (no ISBNs), then pack them away into plastic boxes. It’s also melancholic, but it needs to be done. There simply isn’t enough room.

I have to research a good number of the books because the volumes lack any printing dates., but I think I’ll postpone that research for the summer.

If you have a question about a book or two, or if you’re having a similar experience with inventorying your books–or if you have a tip for this process, please leave a comment!

Updating to include this ad from one of the old books I am sorting through. The Woman Question!

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