Away, Preparing to be Away

I’ll be spending May (and some of June) overseas. I’ve procrastinated prep terribly, so I’ve fallen off posting material here. Instead, I’ve spent the past week scrambling to gather travel documents, assembling a travel wardrobe, and buying TSA-friendly grooming supplies. I only take a backpack, which simplifies getting about no end (no carrying heavy bags or pulling wheelie bags over cobblestones and whatnot. And my goodness, the convenience of not checking a bag is well worth limiting my clothing choices )

I’ll be staying in England, Amsterdam (my first time), Paris, and Florence. Side trips will probably include Chartres, which I’ve always longed to visit, and a day or two in Rome. I anticipate posting photos of art and architecture all day every day, so you might think about muting me until mid-June.

And now to watch YouTube videos about easing aviophobia (although a few pre-boarding glasses of wine in the BA lounge might just do the trick)


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