I Need, I Want (new books edition)

My current must-haves:

Paul Peppis: Sciences of Modernism : Ethnography, Sexology, and Psychology  (Cambridge University Press, 2014)

Mary E. Wood: Life Writing and Schizophrenia: Encounters at the Edge of Meaning   (Rodopi, 2013)

Martha Bayless: Sin and Filth in Medieval Culture: The Devil in the Latrine   (Routledge, 2011)

Barry Spur:  Anglo-Catholic in Religion: T. S. Eliot and Christianity (Lutterworth, 2010)

Peppis’s book is right up my alley, and I’m excited to pore over it. Same with Spurr’s text (but it can wait for purchase as the campus library owns it).

Admittedly, I served a bit as research assistant for both Wood and Bayless while they worked on these texts. Their subjects are fascinating, and I’m hungering to see their conclusions.


Author: Jacqueline A. Pollard

City Walker. Photo-taker. Lit PhD.

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